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Shaping the Future of the Spatial Internet

ARaura’s mission is to help individuals, brands, and institutions navigate

self-expression in the spatial web. Wear the internet!


Faes AR

Our first app, Faes AR is transforming online DnD sessions with augmented reality. Show up as your character in any AR or video environment. Experience the future of fashion.


The ARaura Team

The Araura co-founders are hard core gamers, sci-fi readers and digital industry professionals. We are a mix of sales and leadership in Mike Webber, software development and product ownership in Connor Harty, and creative, design and community growth in Jesse Cizauskas. We came together over a shared desire to make the spatial internet epic.

Mike Webber

CEO, Co-Founder A media executive and entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in building businesses and selling to big brands and agencies. Webber was previously a Business Lead at Snapchat, running large cross-functional teams driving sales from fortune 500 companies. Prior to Snapchat, Webber held the VP Sales Canada position at Say Media where he led a $50 million dollar Canadian business. Mike is leading the executive team, communication, fundraising, revenue, partnerships and IP


Connor Harty

VP Operations & Technical Co-Founder Connor has over 20 years of experience in fullstack development, team management, and product ownership. Connor leads the tech development of the entire ARaura ecosystem, development partnerships, and implementation of our patent pending rules engine.


Jesse Cizauskas

Creative Director, Co-Founder Previously an art director for various design and new media companies in Montreal, Jesse is a hardcore gamer with a native understanding of gaming environments and UX, services, and business models. While writing his master's thesis in fine arts "Worldbuilding: Fantasy & Modernity," which postulates that the genres of fantasy and sci-fi drive technological innovation, he came up with the core idea of the ARaura product and is leading community, content, product design, and branding.


ARaura's Portfolio

Our technology offers two main asset categories.

Intellectual Property

pill-light border.png

Rules Engine for Rendering AR

ARaura IP is based on utility patents that claim an invention for the rendering of augmented reality. Our 1st patent, which won a positive Patent Cooperation Treaty report, is now filed into Canada & the US and awaits the patent reader’s response. We have since submitted 2 additional provisional patents all aiming at protecting our core method of achieving safety and privacy for all in the spatial internet.


The invention is a rules engine that decides what to render or not render with every AR item in any AR enabled space. Each decision is based on a negotiation between 4 participant classes and their respective preferences: the viewer of the scene, the person, thing or location displaying the AR, the object or IP that is to be rendered and the space, spaces or groups it will render into.

View Rules
Display Rules
Object Rules
Space Rules
Negotiated Decision


Copy of Faes logo light clear BG.png

Augmented Reality Roleplay App

Faes is our first app - but we will not stop there.

We simply recognize that RPG gamers are the best placed niche
to help the world understand how technology can be used

to expressourselves digitally.

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Each tool we create for Faes AR is designed to advance our tech stack, aiding individuals, businesses, governments, and other technology in transitioning from the conventional browser-based internet to a fully immersive spatial web where we can express our digital selves. Our commitment is to develop technology that incorporates our IP, ensuring safe, engaging, and accessible digital spaces, free from harmful content. Below are a few of the markets we are exploring for future apps and white labeling opportunities.

Ad Placement
Gen AI

Join Us in Shaping the Future

ARaura is seeking technical artists, developers, enthusiasts & investors who share our vision of empowering everyone's safety, privacy and freedom of self expression in spatial internet. 



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