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About ARaura

In the spring of 2020, ARaura was founded on an idea: If our avatars can look epic in video games, why can't we enhance our own appearances in the same way using augmented reality (AR)? We too could wear skins! This initial idea was the spark that launched our exploration into AR technology.


As we delved deeper, it became evident that individual preferences in digital expression vary widely. To accommodate this diversity, we recognized the necessity of providing a toolkit that empowers users to customize their AR outfits and their digital self-expression according to their unique desires and needs.


This freedom introduced a significant challenge: the potential proliferation of toxic and dangerous content within the spatial internet. All someone needs to do to expose someone else to harmful content is walk in front of them or publish something in their path of view. Addressing this problem raised a crucial question—how could we possibly cleanse the entire internet of undesirable elements?

The answer to this issue reshaped our approach to building AR for the spatial internet: We don't cleanse it; you do. At ARaura, we empower everyone to take complete control. Our technology is designed to allow participants to select what they allow to see, what they display, and with whom they interact. Empowerment is central to ensuring a safe, personalized, and enjoyable AR experience for people, businesses, governments and other AR technologies.


This philosophy is now the core of ARaura's mission as we advance into a new era of digital interaction, where technology is not just a tool but a personal ally in shaping safe and satisfying virtual environments. Join us in redefining the possibilities of augmented reality, tailored by you, for you.

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Our Vision

We insist that technology be personal, efficient, and inclusive of everyone's unique needs.

  • Personal safety:  We need to be able to block things from rendering that we are not comfortable with. 

  • Personal privacy: We must all have the freedom to show what we want to who we want.

  • Community: We must have the freedom to express, and control who sees, a multiple of unique digital versions of ourselves simultaneously, as we are multifaceted beings with varied interests and communities.

  • Protection of IP: We must protect the creator's IP so ‘we can’t wear it unless we own it’.

  • Brand safety: We must enable brands to control what conditions are necessary for their assets to render, and control which audience they wish to engage with.

  • Difference: We are not all the same, so rules from on high will be biased, corruptible, & inefficient. Give everyone the tools to control what they see and what they display.

  • Family: We need protections to help our young people enjoy our digital future safely.

  • Fun: If we do these things - the spatial internet will be incredible!


IP Assets:
1 PCT Patent Filed: US & Can
2 Provisional Patents Filed: US


Alpha app launched
to over 500 DnD players
for testing improvements.

1000's of outfit combinations
with over 200 AR items
to choose from.

Integrated with global marketplace to sell AR items internationally.

R&D feasibility study for wearable AR in spatial internet.

Multiple partner conversations with DnD publishers and forums.


Baileywiki (Services for DMs)

Your stuff is just too fun to not talk about. 


r/Augmented Reality Redditor

...really cool! Love the idea,
could be great for streamers too.

r/DnD Redditor

I love when I come across something that I had zero idea was needed, but once seeing it, becomes immensely obvious and perfect for the medium. Great job
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